Atty. Vicente A. Mayo appointed as Chairman Emeritus of University of Batangas

Atty. Vicente A. Mayo has rendered over forty-four years of notable service to the University of Batangas, forty (40) of which as Chairman of the Board of Regents until his retirement in August 31,2013.
During his tenure as Chairman, the University of Batangas experienced remarkable growth in terms of student population, financial revenue, property improvement and land acquisition.

Atty. Vicente Mayo coined the name “UB Brahmans” for University of Batangas’ athletes, the name by which of the UB community, in general are now popularly known. Atty. Mayo has shown his deep love for the UB Community and pride in its achievements.

In recognition of the significant contribution, dedication and service made by him, the board of Regents has appointed Atty. Mayo as Chairman Emeritus of the University of Batangas.
The award was conferred to Atty. Vicente A. Mayo and members of his family on the occasion of his 85th birthday on December 15, 2017, and was presented last December 21, 2017, during the institutional Christmas party of UB.