College of Law


“The UB College of Law envisions to be the premier law school in the region and to produce lawyers imbued with social, ethical and moral responsibilities of the legal profession.” Specifically, the UB College of Law aims to:

1. Provide unparalleled legal education in the region;
2. Assist law students in the development of their mental faculties so they can better appreciate the intricacies of the law and prepare them to be-come successful members of the bar;
3. Instill knowledge and loyalty to the principles of law along the basic tenets of Faith in God, Love of Wisdom and Service to Fellowmen.


The College of Law provides students with a creative learning environment that rigidly prepares them for the bar examinations and competitive future law practice. Instruction is thorough and tough. From their first day of school, stu-dents are taught to think, speak and write like lawyers. They are trained under the “Socratic” method of instruction – a question and answer type where students are asked to re-state the provisions of law and discuss applicable jurisprudence to expand their understanding of the basic legal tenets. This is supplemented by the professors with lectures on the fine and conflicting points
of the law. This method has proved effective in developing the critical-analytical thinking ability and communication skills of students necessary for good advo-cacy. For the students, the experience is unparalleled.

Outside the classroom, co-curricular activities become part of the students’ academic and social life. The Clinical Legal Education Program expose students to practical legal work situations that provide them with an expanded understand-ing of the law, legal theories and rules of procedure. Publication of
Law Journal, Debate and moot court competitions allow them to pursue their in-terest and harness their skills in writing, research and oral advocacy. These activ-ities develop the competitive spirit among students, yet create a collegial atmos-phere with friendship borne from learning and working with each other.

Programs Offered
Juris Doctor Program The Juris Doctor program provides students with an enriched curriculum covering core bar subjects, elective courses and preparation of thesis requiring them to explore different aspects of the law and the legal system.


UB Law has produced two bar topnotcers. In the November 2016 examinations, JD Class Valedictorian, ATTY. NIA RACHELLE MENDOZA GONZALES ranked No. 9 among the 6344 candidates with the College posting an 80% passing rate over the 59.06% national passing percentage for the same year. In 2013, JD class valedictorian, ATTY. RUDY V. ORTEA ranked third (3rd) among 5293 examinees.